Saturday, July 07, 2012

Two days ago I had strong programming of lust for sadistic sex which brought me in difficulties for some time. Today I notice that acceptance of the mainstream of psychiatry is programmed.
Democrats idiots mindset seems to be programmed very heavily.
I did not notice much happening during sleep. But during the day I was tired and felt an decreased bodily strength. My mind is down.
There is programming which makes it difficult to meditate at all.
And meditation is it which helps me to keep me up.
When I notice this programming to accept mainstream. That is terrorism by mainstream.
This MC stuff for 17 years gang stalking for about the same time, That is terrorism.
Doctors you can't talk to, police are no help. In Germany and probably in Thailand some are inside. There no laws on this in Germany related  and no federal laws on this in the US.
Also because of this I think the mainstream is in part a terrorist rule. We need a new war on terrorism.
But this won't happen. The terrorists are too powerful.

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