Thursday, August 22, 2013

I had stimulation of abusing sex and I noticed also programming
 into my dreams into my sleep.
Some hours I needed to partly recover from that. There is also
 pressure to join the democrats. I think one of the most important
 things nowadays is to eliminate them.
I am an example that they use Mind Control torture and
 gangstalking to try to recruit new members. So democrats
are terrorist organisation. Is this because they work together
with another terror organisation called al quaeda in Syria
against the government of Assad?
How should I prove that. It works over any radiation that there
is this asking me to become a democrat. I do not have the money
 to get people to prove that this is happening. Mind Control
weapons exist but are not regulated in the US and many places
In one of my former posts I mentioned one trial to get Mind
Control weapons regulated in the US which failed.

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