Friday, August 30, 2013

Last night I felt awake stronger emotional attacks related to abusing sex. I had a talk in my head and as I sweared at the voices the stress with the psychic attack got stronger. I tried to find out where they were from and found they came probably from room 2 and from room 30.  In room 2 there were two sources doing such attacks. One at the height of the bed another one at the height of about my head.
I have to assume that in room 2 organized harassment was being done. I have no means to go ahead when I notice such. To prove anything is difficult as it has to do with radiation. Once the attack is over you can't prove anything. Maybe with expensive equipment but I am not sure. I would welcome some information how to go ahead.
On the other hand measurements I do are no sure indicators there may be easily mistakes inside also because I can't go up to the source in such rooms.
I would like to go more in the direction to prove something. Has anybody experience with that?

I have added an email address to the blog so you can contact me as with just commenting to my blog may leave me without the possibility to answer as reply addresses are not accessible on comments.

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