Friday, August 14, 2015

I had again stimulation of abusing sex which was not that \
painful than the days before but then my mind starts to run
due to the programming in the night and it became very
stressful. In the evening I had pain in the chest on the left
side my left arm was tense while the right was not.
I eat more than I have appetite, I have little. Fatigue,
weakness is already longer time there. I sweat very easily.
 Maybe signs of heart problems.

Some years when I still was strong I was able to build up
defense against radiation attacks so that I woke up without
noting any impact.
Then shortly just days later I started to give up on this
defense. I did not yet  understand it at that time.
The attacks had switched from sexual harassment to
manipulation. I have to say I was not able to withstand
the manipulation which is possible by now. I just gave in
and did no more defend myself fiercely.
They have been able to switch off my English learning
within a day. They have reduced my meditation
to often zero and then further harassment and made me weak.
The manipulation has been switched of not long ago. The
harassment goes back to sexual harassment.
I am no more strong and have been passive for some time.
Voices say they want go on despite my possible heart
Well there is also arthritis, weak eyes, stomach problems.
weakness. depression.
I do not know how it will go on.
Without the manipulation I may stand that.

I did not understand for a long time that advancement
in technology will reintroduce brainwashing and slavery into
society in a hidden way like with such technology.
You doubt? In the USA the elite decides what
happens not the people. The elite will not be affected
by slavery and there is profit in such. So there it is to some
degree likely it comes back driven by western mainstream
hidden first for sure and maybe after some acceptance
programs openly With this technology I have to do with
it is already happening probably at many places in the world.

When societies will go bankrupt and or have to save
social systems will be dismantled. The options
for those living from it will become very few.
The rich will have then many possibilities go get
richer by recruiting mind controlled slaves with this
technologies I have to do with.

I am disabled with mental problems and have because
of this little support in society.  I notice often people are
 inside such stuff with me left outside.
In Germany I noticed police involved in such
harassment. They just openly gave me some hints.
In Asia I have one hint as well.

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