Thursday, March 24, 2016

Some time ago I stopped reading the German "Spiegel and "Focus"
onlne news for lack of quality in journalism and also propaganda
against Russia.
I notice brainwashing. I read again this newspapers.
It is done by producing emotional change. There are now
positive feelings related to the papers. The judgement
does not play a role
A similar pattern is used to program me to a gay.
Now rejection is programmed against the online news from
I do up to now not yet really manage this programming.
Stimulation of sadistic sex is happening. Once I noticed
radiation related to such from a electricity counter outside
the room. But strangely it stopped after a short while.
I do not know how this works.
I think I just slip into this of imaging of this sex. But twice
I noticed influence from outside. But I know I am stil
l related to such sex also with positive feelings, which not
necessarily are  from me rather  from the person who did it
in the first place.All this makes the matter strange
and difficult.

The eveldoers in my case have managed to make me weak
and so more susceptible for programming.

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