Monday, October 31, 2016

I had today again strong stimulation of abusing sex.
I assume somebody of the place where I stay.
But at the moment I have my mind for myself.
That is quiete a lot. I have the hope that I get
back in track in some time.
What is disturbing are voices which are speaking
a lot. Then they are probably trying education.
I want to do it myself but it is already happening.
I got into trouble with somebody who insulted me
repeatedly. I then sat down alone for a while was
thinking but maybe also programmed.
The words I had  in my mind were similar of the
words the staff in the restaurant later said.
So are they trying to educate me here in Malaysia
The point is I do then not think for myself I just
take solutions and land up in a model from the top.
Thinking myself takes longer but solutions can be
more individual.

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