Thursday, December 22, 2016

I had voices 2 days ago which said the terror would restart. I had
a break of some days. So it happened. Yesterday I had terror and
today that much that I needed hours to get by with it.
I had sexual harassment but this time it was gay stimulation.
Voices say they may want to bring me to a breakdown to deliver
me to psychiatry and then social engineering to the person they like.
Or put me in a home for disabled.
But voices say a lot. I notice a lot of very hard programming to a
democrat.But I know that what I think about what I notice may look
different after I look some time at it. This programming may have
been there before.
They say the want to destroy me it would take only some days now.
On the other hand voices reminded me of programming to a democrat
I had some time ago which I noticed at that time but did not counter
enough at that time.They would accept me being an Anarchist or
or sympathize with Anarchy.

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