Thursday, December 15, 2016

Today in the morning I had again stimulation of abusing sex.
There is another point. I looked up information about
Alzheimer's. I found that being not able to concentrate,
not being able to take in information or keep it, not being able
to process information more often are probably signs of
being on the way to Alzheimer's. I had this more often the
last years. The stimulation of abusing sex was one of the
most devastasting for my body and mind. I ascribe the
symptoms largely to this. This stimulation was often
very stressful and burning me out. Another point was
probably  mental influence which held me from
meditation. I could not do it much the last years.
When I started various stuff happened. I got heavy
stimulation of stress or distractions of my mind or quickly
 rerouted to other activities which I was not able to notice
quickly. Such people who did such stimulation  and enjoyed it are
just  pieces of character rubbish.

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