Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I noticed repeatedly some success of programming me. I sat in a restaurant the TV running. A Bruce Willis movie was shown. Some years ago I was bored by his movies and said on one occasion. Minor juvenile offenders should be punished by making them watch a Bruce Wilis film in full length. Now I felt admiration for him and watched the film. I recognized later that there was influence.
Some days ago I was in my room in the guesthouse where I stay and was stressed by repeated terror in the nights. I assumed only, I did not check enough that the terror was coming from some Britains around and sweared that Britain should sink into the ocean. Such a statement is also due to programming. I like British people on the whole I hate that they participate in the gangstalking and MC system. But only a part of the population knows and supports this system. Such a general statement which is only negative I wold not have made some  time ago.

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