Thursday, August 25, 2016

This heavy stimulation of abusing sex 2 days ago made me sick. I have
been in bed for much of the last days. Walking up the stairs was up to
this afternoon quite an effort. It had to do with pain, tension and stress.
Going out was an real effort. I was depressed. I feel better since the
afternoon but I do not feel good yet.
Doing things become quick an effort. My mind works slow I am not
able to read some time. I have been down not doing much the last years.
I could not do sports much because of such effects.
 Meditation helps me out of such.  But the road to well being with
 meditation is long and the positive  impacts are with new sexual
harassment quickly destroyed.
I think today meditation was blocked by MC.
I have voices saying they are destroying me now.
I do not know what happens if such heavy harassment goes on for
some time. Game over? Ruin? Slavery?

In my blog has a message been deleted. I am sure I was not doing it.
I am under surveillance. Remote Viewing is used or anything
similar. The harassers have my thoughts in near real time.

That means I cannot keep any password safe. They have them and
I cannot do anything. That is possibly why they are able to delete
posts in my blog. That is why they deleted all my contacts in my
google mail.

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