Saturday, August 20, 2016

Today I did not have stimulation of sexual abuse.

Voices spoke different. They hinted at my mental performance without
having had stimulation of abusive sex and after having had such.

Yesterday I tried to learn some English words, actual repetition.
I struggled with about 20 words for an hour.
I had all days in Chaiya stimulation of unwanted sex.
Some days ago when I arrived at Chaiya the same was a matter of may
be about 10 minutes.
I was feeling well. Stimulation of abusing sex has also been there, but
that weak that I did not feel any impact on my mental state as it usual
in various degrees the case.

After such stimulation I don't like to have contact for some time.
When I have such for some time my energy
goes down and my bodily power goes down.
I get depressed my motivation fades.

Voices also the first time accepted the right do heal yourself to become
an expert of your own problem when you have bigger psychological
To leave such people a chance they should not treated bad.

Is this a sign of hope for me or just some nice words with once left out
stimulation of bad sex. I hope for the first.

The following excerpt of an article I can relate to my life.
It comes the same day the positive voices come.
I had stimulation of abusive sex and other invasive disrupting
stuff 20 years now.

Former Soviet Leader Gorbachev Has A

 Message The World Needs To Hear

From this article:
...While the Soviet Union had a long history of perpetrating crimes against humanity that are often hard to compare to any other brutal dictatorship in history due to their devastating outcome, it’s also important to consider that many may have learned from this tragic episode in history. As a result, many now have a better grasp of human nature and voluntary exchange....

For people with bigger psychological problems Psychiatry
exists in the West. There are models which work on
voluntary exchange without violating the rights of such
people by for instance forced or pressed questionable
I write about such later.

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