Saturday, December 15, 2012

Here is how mind control groups turn against victims.
Some weeks ago I wrote a post to the group mentioned

And now I get the notification that this post from me is not accepted and
will not be published.

But it is actually a quite usual thing to turn against victims in resources
which are designed to help them. Those who do such probably enjoy the abuse of power
which they have as group administrators.

In hindsight I noted that there was a mistake in the post
but which is actually not a problem. The petition still has
not yet enough signatures. I remember that the number of
necessary signatures has been risen from 500 to 1000.
I had 500 signatures still in mind which was valid before
and did not read the change.

the yahoo group is
targeted individuals

the message is the following and an answer to another message


I went to the petition and got the answer: It is expired.

I know of another one which is not.

This petition should now be with those it is addressed to,  because it has enough signatures. 

Who will be told about the results?



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