Thursday, December 13, 2012

I read in the newspapers that Mr Putin and Mr Chavez are sick. The political leaders with determined opposition to the US.
I thought. Possibly is the US involved in the sicknesses to remove or hinder this undesired opposition.
Some times ago I read the after the second world war Russia's best physicist in an area very important to the development of new weapons died of sickness. So the US got ahead in this area. I also thought the US may be involved in this death?
The voices in my head got upset. They told me that this way relief of MC would not happen the next time.
I participate in a court case in the US against MC. Today I got an Email that the law firm which is in charge of this case refused to hand out the filings that were sent to them.
The comment on this in the email was that the law firm would have been finished by the perpetrators. the fourth one in 2 years. When I read this right victims won't get the files of their harassment, which looked to be happening up to today.

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