Saturday, December 08, 2012

I had stimulation of abusing sex together with programming this
time asleep.
Fortunately it was not that strong that it brought me nearly  down
during the day. I have such to various degrees for years often.
But I run in additional emotional trouble with the programming
A lot of voices during the day are there. I think my brain activity
is  monitored. It is difficult todifferentiate these voices from my
own inner voices.
I do not know how much my sensitivities play a role there.

I have measured with my bug detector the radiation around.
Even at highest sensibility no readings except from room 159/2
a little.
Not long ago I could only turn up the sensitivity about two
third and got high readings in most directions.

I have read that some nanoparticles anyhow brought into the
brain would support voice to skull technology but I do not
anything about it.

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